• Being authentic yourself is the answer

    No matter what the question is… the answer is you being authentic yourself. No matter what it means being yourself at the giving moment…it might mean being happy, being goofy or sad or upset… the key is to be authentic yourself and go with the flow of your soul. Whether you believe it or not, […]

  • the magic word for today is REALITY

    … what the reality is about? what the reality means? and what is it for… what reality you are in? and what reality you would like to be in? what reality you create for yourself?

  • Surrender / letting go.

    Surrender is letting go of the concept who you think you supposed to be and actually being who you are. Because who you are is unlimited possibilities. When you allow yourself to surrender to the idea and the experience that you were created in the image of the Infinite, which means you are infinite possibilities, […]

  • There are only 4 laws of creation.

    1. That you exist/ you cannot stop exist, by the definition existence exists; 2. The One is the All and the All is the One / The Creation is not separate from the Creator but it is made of Creator and there is no outside to it. 3. What you put out, you get back. 4. The […]

  • The Power of Togetherness

    The world is going through tremendous changes right now. Briefly speaking it has been there for a long while now. For some of us it might have been even a matter of a year or two. It also might have been quite challenging and rough time, and we all went a lot through. Many of us, as me, […]

  • Leave the past behind

    Let it all go away, leave everything behind, what’s past, it is past and belongs to the past; there is no point to carry it on all around; the past is done and carrying it on your shoulders, in your mind or in your heart won’t change a thing; it is time for all of […]

  • Conscious Light

    Conscious Light of itself has no concerns to goes out. And it helps to shine the Lights that are not certain of their power yet.