Eva Borovka – my passion is painting, drawing and photography

She says about herself: … my passion is painting, drawing and photography. My artistic work is mainly connected with my own observations and feeling. In my paintings I combine various artistic techniques.

Eva Borovka – a young artist from Poland. She is known and fond of painting, jewellery making and artistic designing. The artist looks for inspirations in her own life and her innermost depths of soul. She paints most often subtle silhouettes of women and seeks new artistic means for them.

She uses traditional painting techniques: oil, acrylate applied on canvas, experiments with new. Most of all she uses bright and warm colors to show this subtle passion, to show her emotions.

In this specific way of painting she takes us to her wonderful and amazing world. World full of colors, joy, beauty and charm.

She is very warm and full of love person. In her arts she gives us part of her love and grace.

She donates these warm feelings doing jewellery as well. In everything what she is making she puts her whole heart what makes it beautiful and the only one of its kind. We have an impression of integration of warm and colorful form filled with emotions.

All her work is fulfilled with delicacy and grace. It is a great honor to come in her wonderful world.

One of the countless and beautiful Eva’s painting

Now you can admire her arts in her portfolio ! You are very welcome to see her gallery as well.