The process of dying by Barbra Ann Brennan

I would like to share with you with the little excerpt from the book „Hands of Light” – by Barbra Ann Brennan. This particular piece deals with the process of dying. Thanks to it, I have seen the true beauty in this indeed extraordinary phenomenon of moving from one dimension to another.

„Hands of Light” – Barbra Ann Brennan.

Chapter 8.

“Human growth and development in the aura.


According to Phoeve Bendit, at death a luminous ray flashes out the top of the head as the person leaves the earth plane through the crown chakra. This experience of going out the crown has often been described as going through the tunnel between life and death. It is seen as a long dark tunnel with a bright light at the end. This “tunnel experience” can also be said to be the soul going up through the main power current of the body along the spine and leaving at the bright light of the crown chakra.

At death, the soul is met by old deceased friends and her spirit guides. At this time, the soul sees her whole life pass by very quickly and clearly so that there can be no mistakes as to just what happened, what choices were made, lessons learned and what lessons still remain for the next incarnation. There follows a time of celebration of a task completed, and some time spent in the spirit world before the next incarnation is taken on.

After people die of a long – term illness, I have often seen them resting, surrounded by white light for some period of time after death. They appear to be taken care of in some kind of hospital on the other side.

I have observed two people who were in the dying process a couple of days before their deaths. In both cases, the people were dying of cancer and had been ill for some time. The lower three bodies were breaking up and coming off the body as opalescent cloudy blobs. This gave the person an opalescent white look. The lower three chakras were also breaking up, with long threads of energy coming out of the solar plexus. The upper four chakras appeared to be very wide open, almost like gaping holes. There was no longer a shield over them. The people who were crossing over spent most of their time out of the body and away. Apparently they were off with their spirit guides somewhere. When the people were in their bodies, there were plenty of spirits around the room. In one case, I saw Azrael guarding the gate. When the person was in deep pain, I asked Azrael why he didn’t help her die. He said, “I haven’t received my orders yet”. (Azrael is the angel of death and looks very strong and beautiful to me, not terrifying as some sources have implied.

Heyoan on Death.

My guide has been lecturing on the death process, and I would like to quote him here. First he says that death is not what we have understood, but a transition from one state of consciousness to another. Heyoan says that we have already died, in forgetting who we are. Those parts of us that have been forgotten are walled off from reality, and we have come into incarnation to retrieve them. So although we fear death, he says we have already died, and in the incarnation process of reintegrating with our greater being, we actually find more life. He says that he only thing that dies is death.

During our life, we wall off experiences that wish to forget. We do this do effectively that we do not remember many of them. We begin this walling – off process early in childhood and continue it throughout our life. These walled – off pieces of our consciousness can be seen in the auric field in terms of blocks and will be discussed in the chapter on psychodynamics. Heyoan says that the real death has already occurred in the form of that internal wall.

“As you know, the only thing that separates you from anything is yourself. And the most important thing is that death has already occurred in those portions of yourself that are walled off. That would be perhaps from our vantage point the most clear definition of what the human being considers to be death. It is being walled-off and separate from. It is forgetting. It is forgetting who you are, that is what death is. You have already died. You have in fact incarnated to bring to life those pieces of you that are already in what you call death, if we should ever use that word. Those parts have already died.

“The process of death, that which we would call transition to greater awareness, can be seen as a process in the energetic field. We will describe this now to help you understand the process of death from the auric point of view. There is a washing of the field, there is a clearing, an opening of all the chakras. When you die, you are going to another dimension. There is dissolution in the three lower chakras. There is dissolution of, and note we say dissolution, of the three lower bodies. Those of you who have watched individuals die have seen the opalescent quality of the hands, of the face, of the skin. It is an opalescent mother of pearl as the individual is dying, and the beautiful opalescent clouds are wafting off. Those clouds are the lower energy bodies which serve to hold the physical body together. They are disintegrating. They waft off, and the chakras there are opened and there are cords of energy coming out. The upper chakras are great open holes into other dimensions. So this is the beginning stages of death where the energy field begins separate from the upper parts. And then during the three hours or so around the hour of death, there is washing of the body where the energy is flushed through like a fountain right up the main vertical power current. A fountain of golden light flushes through, and all of the blocks are cleansed. And the aura becomes white gold. How will this be experienced by the individual who is dying in terms of memory? You have already heard it. A person sees his or her entire life wash by them. Well that’s it. There is a concomitant energy field phenomena of the washing of the aura. All blocks are let go. All forgotten experiences of that lifetime are unblocked. They all flow through the consciousness. Thus, all of the history of that lifetime flows through the consciousness and when the person leaves, the consciousness leaves. It is the dissolution of many of the walls that were created for the process of transformation in this particular lifetime. It is a tremendous integration.

“With the dissolution of the walls of forgetting within you, you remember who you truly are. You become integrated with your greater self and feel the lightness and the vastness of it. Thus death, contrary to popular opinion, is a very wonderful experience. Many of you have read the descriptions of those who have been pronounced clinically dead and have come back to life. They all speak of a tunnel with a brilliant light at the end of it. They speak of meeting a wondrous being at the end of that tunnel. Most have a life review and a discussion of that life with that being. Most reveal that they themselves decided to return to the physical world to complete their learning, even though it was so beautiful where they went. Most of them no longer fear death, but look forward to it as a great release into serenity.

“So it is your wall that separates you from this truth: What you call death is actually transition into light. The death that you imagine you will experience can be found within your wall. Every time you separate yourself in any way, you die a small death. Every time you block your wonderful life force from flowing, you create a small death. Thus as you remember those separated parts of your being and reintegrate them back into yourself, you have already died. You come back to life. As you expand your awareness, the wall between the world, the wall between spiritual reality and physical reality dissolves. Thus death dissolves, it is nothing but the releasing of the wall of illusion when you are ready to move on. And who you are is redefined as the greater reality. You are still your individual self; when you drop your body, you will maintain the essence of self. You can feel that essence of self in the future / past meditations that are given in Chapter 27 (Self Healing). Your physical body dies, but you move into another plane of reality. You maintain the essence of self beyond body, beyond incarnation. And when you leave your body, you may feel yourself to be a point of gold light, but you will still feel yourself”.