Individual and collective responsibility

Many try to prove that Hitler manipulated the group – in this case , his fellow countrymen – thanks to incredible skills and mastery of rhetoric. He is credited with almost magical abilities, which cleared the way for him and facilitated the matter of manipulation and his mysterious effects on people. It is quite convenient way to dump all the blame on one person who is already dead. This seemingly closes the case, which suits many people.

Remember though that Hitler wouldn’t have done anything without the support of millions of people, their commitment, money and submission. These were his supporters and advisers competed in inventing another way to impress their leader. The community called Germany, should understand their responsibility for the Holocaust. As well as greater community called Mankind should understand their responsibility for the situation, taking into account the fact that they passively watched the tragedy happening in Germany and neighbouring countries, until it reached such proportions that even the most callous isolationists could no longer maintain their indifference.

Hitler had only took  advantage  of the opportunity. Please understand the lesson deriving from it. Awareness whether individual or collective, proclaiming the superiority of their own individuality above others, leads to the growth of ignorance, selfishness and loss of contact with your own divine self, conscience. The concept of superiority and betterness, rooted for instance in nationalism (and, interestingly, for example, in many well-known religions) can turn a blind eye to the misery of those “inferior” while blaming everyone out there for their failures. This is a way justifies, revenge, “racial cleansing” and war continuing in the present world. Many of us think that “Hitler” is gone so the issue is settled. However the truth is different. Still all the major ideologies , religious as well, get into more or less fanaticism, a sense of superiority coming from the believe of possessing  the one and only truth.

It would seem impossible to us, now, that there was someone like Hitler, and the fact that so many supported him. It is important to realize that the consciousness of humanity was then at the certain level. This collective consciousness has created a fertile ground for the rise of Nazism and its physical reflection became Hitler himself, and his actions. In fact, from a spiritual point of view, the soul that takes on such a huge responsibility and burden whether was very determined, brave and loving or just crazy. Perhaps most of you now think … certainly was crazy … but what if his soul, was so incredibly in love with mankind , that he devoted his life to show us our true face and this where we’re going as a species , and how we’re going to finish if we do not change anything in our thinking.

The horror of this whole experience is not about one person being guilty of such cruel crimes against the human race, but about the human race doing to itself this sort of execution – an experiment called “Hitler”. Moreover, similar experiments are still held in different places in the world but a much smaller scale. This does not mean that they are more appropriate. Our consciousness apparently still did not reached fully the understanding of the simple fact that the only way to get peace is to live in peace and love.

Remember that as a human community we all have created together all that has contributed to the experiment called “Hitler”, his growth and development on a global scale. And this shows us that the purpose of the experiment was to show the face of ALL humanity. From this point of view, as a collective consciousness we should truly forgive in our heart the person called Hitler, and even thank his soul for taking on such a difficult task. Only a full understanding and forgiveness, which is the manifestation of pure love, will be able to fully heal the still festering wounds that were created in the human population.

I strongly believe that humankind has the potential and that the changes occurred and continue to occur at an increasing rate. I want all of us to realize fully that there is not only one and only truth for everyone, because everyone will always have own subjective truth. The truth in your neighbour’s truth does not remove your own personal truth. Both are equally important and equal to each other. Let’s focus on finding what unites us rather than what deceptively divides us.

We are one being, one organism and together we create our tomorrow. Let’s already take the responsibility for our private thoughts, words and deeds. Only through personal transformation of our private universes, we are able to influence the global transformation of our land. Only by loving understanding, forgiveness, and a manifestation of love, we can all work together in harmony, contributing actively to the rapid growth of individual and collective consciousness and quality of life of all beings on earth.