Please, celebrate your birth – day

birthday-invitations-card-cool-birthday-cards-and-for-best-wishes-a-friend-friends-k-funny-happy-free-text-message-to-you-happybbirthday-quotes-card-happy-birthday-wishes-for-friend34 earth’s years ago I was a soul, just looking for a good family for me to come down, looking for a perfect match to re-birth
and eventually I have found one…

…the perfect place, perfect family, perfect environment, and now I do love and appreciate my family, my love ones, my country and everything around… for giving me the place and all lessons I’ve got
I couldn’t be the way I am now, without them…!

My heart is melting with gratitude and my soul bows to all of you who I have ever met, who helped me to be the way I am now, who helped me to find my way, who helped me to find myself and the path to my inner self
my heart is full of love and gratitude, thank you all and bless you all…

and now every year I do really celebrate that amazing moment, moment of highest excitation of my soul for coming down, to have a possibility to be witness of this wonderful and amazing shift within people, within me , within the Earth, one of the most beautiful planets I know…
and now here I am, and I am so… so… grateful and happy

and that particular day, every single year, reminds me of… my soul excitation, my soul choices, and of all my soul paths
and this is always… one of the most happiest days of the year, the day when I do thank and bless… my parents, my the only brother, and MYSELF
I do thank and bless and appreciate myself for coming down, for all the path I went through,
for I AM.

and this is it, the day when I have arrived :)
my heart, my soul, my every cell is singing and dancing
the happiest day of the year, the day I have arrived in here :)

Now, I write this down in here because I wish that all who never cared about their own birthdays (and there was a time I didn’t either) start really appreciate this moment from the bottom of the heart, because they should always remember, that this is the most precious, the most sacred and the most wanted moment for the soul, which has been waiting for, with such a joy and excitement within…
so please celebrate!

Celebrate the day you have arrived in here,
celebrate your existence,
celebrate your human life and bless every single moment before and after.
Bless your family, bless your home, bless your environment,
because all was and is exactly the way it suppose to be!
All is sacred!
so are YOU, and your birth – day too.

Please, celebrate your birth – day

honor yourself! Love yourself!

best wishes for all of you
and biggest thanks ever for all of you for coming down in here
to share all these beautiful moments together!