The world is changing. September 2015.

The world is changing. I have a feeling, that this giving moment, which we live in, might be crucial and the world we know today, might be not the same tomorrow.

Since many years we all are able to get some information about how the world is being taken over and being ruled by some elites, some individuals; and those individuals have their perfect plan for the Earth and us… and part of this plan is depopulation of the globe. Saying even more bold… killing off at least half of us.

Till now, it was pretty easy to ignore those messages. Some of us were even very good at it and used to take it as a fairy tale or a bad joke. And, a messenger very often was taken as being mental.

But if you follow what is happening lately in Europe, then it is becoming more and more difficult to convince yourself that it was only a stupid joke.

Yesterday I have arranged to myself a Muslim day, or saying more accurate, a prophet Mahomet day. In situation we all face now, I considered, it is worth to find out a bit more about Islam and its founder. Deep down, I always had a feeling that prophet Mahomet couldn’t be so bad as many says… he was a prophet after all for a reason I assumed; but honestly saying I never had expected to hear that… he was the most honest man on the Earth; a boy who has lost his father and mother, and then even beloved uncle who took care of him after losing both parents; and all this within only his first 8 years of his life. Then as a husband he has lost two kids. From the beginning he used to be very honest, never lied, never cheated, full of love and compassion, full of understanding, merciful, modest, shy, sensitive, quiet and simply just good till the core… and moreover that was his teachings to be like this… nothing else.
For Christians listening about prophet Mahomet might be like listening about Jesus, as he is the one who teaches about unconditional love to every being.


Some may ask… how is this possible? Where is this discrepancy coming from?

Well, it is coming from Islam history. Somewhere on the way, some individuals came up, individuals who wanted nothing more but power, money and splendour. Those individuals had changed the interpretation of prophet words, and they imposed this interpretation by force and blackmails. I also wouldn’t be surprised if one day we all would find out that some of words were changed or misinterpreted (as Koran was written down about 200 years after prophet’s death); and all this for very obvious and well know reason; to have better control over people. Before any Muslim will shout “Koran is untouched”… well, as the Bible is for Christians. And basically Christians believe, it was written with no mistakes etc… but the fact is that first of all it was written by human hands, and then it has been changed anyway, to make it suit to political plans of some other individuals. So yes, we Christians had those kind of bad individuals in our history, too. And it looks like those sort of individuals got in also into Muslim culture and Muslim people, to make them brainwashed, manipulated, aggressive animals. And yes, it is extremely sad to see, to know, that there are people out there, who are ready to make others their slaves, just for money, power and fame.

So, this way, Christian church made Jesus, poor, pitiful looser; and Muslim leaders made of Mohamed, sick, bloodthirsty vampire and sadist.

And the saddest thing is that both, Jesus and Mahomet were teaching exactly the same thing. They wanted for us the same thing. And I’m sure they would love each other immensely if met in person.

But, where I am going to…? Well, I am going to say, that despite of their (immigrants) programmed hatred, rage and madness, those poor people are only paws in the game. And throughout only seeing and realizing this, we have a power to change our reality. So, I ask you all, to look at those people with love, because “they don’t know, what they do”. Because they don’t know they have been manipulated. Because they don’t realize that some of their Imams use them for their own purposes. I even think, that big part of Muslims never got a chance to get to know the real Islam but only a twisted version of it, the version which has been told to them.

And speaking from even broader perspective… both of us, we and them are just paws in the same game… and I am asking you all… Christians and Muslims, please, let yourself be free from this manipulation, let yourself to act as our real teachers, Jesus and Mahomet, have taught us. Let yourself get out of this emotional blackmail and be beyond all this and let’s send love to every single person of those lost and blinded sheep. I truly believe, that some Muslim hearts might be changed yet and might be brought to love once again.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we are all one family. Your prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was absolutely great and amazing person. He was blessed by God. No doubt about that. Make him happy and open up your hearts for love, compassion and forgiveness. We all have a long story behind and we all need to forgive. I am absolutely convinced that dear prophet Mohamed would want all people to love one another, nothing more. He, who was so full of love, compassion and forgiveness couldn’t wish for anything else.

Now, I do understand that my words might sound controversial and some of people might take it as surrender, but no… I am simply against the violence. I know we all are the same human beings. We all just want to love and be loved. We all want to live and be happy. We all are brothers and sisters despite of colour, believe or language. And moreover, we all are literally the Oneness. However, if someone will come to my home trying to attack me, I will do protect myself.

With Peace & Love