The Power of Togetherness

featureshaynetogetherThe world is going through tremendous changes right now. Briefly speaking it has been there for a long while now. For some of us it might have been even a matter of a year or two. It also might have been quite challenging and rough time, and we all went a lot through.

Many of us, as me, have learnt to cope with the situations by staying apart, in your own private/comfort zone, separate from others; all this to calm down, relax and gather new energy for next few hours 🙂

Personally, for the last two years, I barely existed for the outer world; taking my time, getting together in my own isolation, solitude and seclusion. It was necessary for me to stay this way in order to stay sane and simply recover after all 😉

It was extremely hard time for me, I say I walked through my own personal hell… but I also know, that many, many of you went through yours, too. But, the Universe says, we all are brave souls and that is why we made it through.

The Universe is telling us now, that it is the time to re-connect with others; to gather together and to support one another. It is the best and easiest way, how we can grow and go through, together, through the next stage of the process. The universe is gently pointing to us, this is the perfect time to start building loving communities, where we all support each other with love, goodness and helping hands. It is time to remind yourself, we are all Oneness and only TOGETHER, hand in hand, heart in heart, we are able to walk further, and in fact, together we are able to move mountains; nothing can stop us and nothing is impossible for us.

Even if you feel like you have nothing left, I assure you, you are still able to find power and strength in togetherness of all good hearts around the world. We all need to know we are not alone in this battle, and in fact we are not! The whole Universe is conspiring and doing everything to help Mother Earth and us, to get through this tremendous shift. We shall know, we are all loved and taken care of. No one is neglected and every single heart and soul matters to the Light!

We all are blessed with love and light and that is what we all shall to chose… Love and Light in every moment of our existence <3

Peace to all, life to all, love to all <3