Opening for a joy in one’s life

I … … can draw pure God’s Joy from my life.
I … … am absolutely and completely INNOCENT, when I do joy with my life and take a happieness and joy with full hands from every day of my life. I know, the World has enough of them for Everyone who wants to reach it for.
I … … with joy and innocence in my heart can reach for My happieness and joy in My Life.
I … … through drawing this Joy from my Life show only absolutely Love, Acceptance and Respect for myself and my present LIFE.
I … … am absolutely save, innocent and right even then, when I want to and I do draw Joy from my Life.
God supports me … … with having pure, save and innocent joy in my Life and its pleasures.
Today I know and understand already, that the Life is full of Joy and pleasure and it depends only on me, how much of these I take from my life.
I … … with happieness and pleasure take joy from My life and that what it brings Me every Day.
Yes! I … … can already in full draw pure God’s Joy from My Life.