‘Indigo Children’ – Doreen Virtue

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children’ – Doreen Virtue. The book is excellent . The author shows us these children, who these children are, the way they think, they feel, and the way of viewing the world and themselves in it. As a indigo child i can tell u this book is really a great gift for this world and most of all for all of us, indigo children. Now it’s easier to understand and accept myself, my world and my way. Honestly, I can recommend this book for every indigo child and for everyone who try to identify with them. Even if you, as a indigo child, are over than 20 years old… the knowledge u can find here inside this book, will help you to heal and understand your ‘strange’ childhood. But this book is not only for children. I have to say it’s for parents as well. Every parents should read it to know how to treat indigo children, how to help these children to live in this world, how to motivated them, how to help them to develop all of talents they have.

I know that you could find in this book something to stick to, but I think it isn’t the point reading books and accepting absolutely and uncritical everything, every word you can find in it. If you will turn on your heart and gift of distinguishing then you will know for certain what is right for you, what isn’t. So please, think through every doubt you have found in this book. But if you have thought over everything yet, then please close this part and don’t think about it anymore, and don’t judge the book… oh it’s so bad cause has some flaws. Just think positive and think about this, what good you can take from it for yourself, what you can learn from it, and then estimate if it’s good and valuable for you.

I have took many wonderful things from this book only for myself. It was very helpfull and full of inspirations for me. I wish you the same for you, Angel. Enjoy! 🙂

Table of contents:

chapter 1: Am I, or is my child, an Indigo?

2. ADD, ADHD, and Ritalin

3. The purpose of Indigo children.

4. Angel therapy for Indogos

5. Intuition and Indigo Children

6. How to heal insomnia frightening visions

7. Exercise: Shifting brain chemistry and behavior naturally.

8. Natural children in an unnatural world

9. Food and the Indigo Child’s mood

10. Creative outlets

11. What Indigo Children want us to know

12. Astrology and the Indigo children

13. Unconditional self-love

14. A message to Indigo Children.