‘Indigo Children’ – Doreen Virtue – continuation

I want to present you few fragments of the book of Doreen Virtue.

“An Indigo Child is usually an individual with the following characteristics:

1. Strong – willed

2. Born in 1978 or later

3. Headstrong

4. Creative, with an artistic flair for music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.

5. Prone to addictions

6. An “old soul” as it they’re 13, going on 43

7. Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people

8. An isolationist, either through aggressive acting-out, or through fragile introversion

9. Indenpendent and proud, even if they’re constantly asking you for money

10. Possesses a deep desire to help the world in a big way

11. Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity

12. Bores easily

13. Has probably been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD

14. Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep

15. Has a history of depression, or even suicidal thoughts or attempts

16. Looks for real, deep, and lasting friendships

17. Easily bonds with plants or animals.”

“Other traits or tendencies include:

A temper.
A warrior spirit.
An ability to detect when people are lying or situations are out of integrity.
Have a lot of Indigo Blue in their auras.
Highly sensitive to outside energies.
Sensitive to chemicals.