Illusion and the Truth

We have always been, are and will continue to persist in one or another illusion, the illusion of our existence. This going to be exactly that way until to the full re-union with God – the Source of all that is.

We are born and we do exist, but we do not know who and what we are. We assume different beliefs, truths, and the masks, only to get to know each of them individually and to feel, whether they are us. We produce various types of illusions and play major roles in them, only to try out these new programs and beliefs, to learn the truth about ourselves. We make up several new variants of the same story and we come in to all possible roles to better understand the situation and the truth about it, and so about ourselves too. With each incarnation we change the masks and beliefs as clothes, we change more and more into something new, something different, something that has to be more fit, more attracts us or something we do not know yet at all.

As in the great changing room of the world, we change our ‘costumes’ for the next incarnations, we change the illusions of realities and distributing roles in the new play. We want to experience everything. We want to know the truth about ourselves, about who we are. However we get to know often through our experience of what we are NOT, in principle, to learn about light, you must first get to know the darkness, because there’s no light without darkness; with no knowledge of wrong, you can’t know the right; with no experience about your darkest nature, you do not find yours brightest side either; with no experience about greatest falsehood and dissonance between falsehood and yourself, you do not get to your deepest truth about yourself.

In this journey through the worlds and the incarnations, we assume the masks to ourselves, and then we remove them slowly, step by step, finally understanding what they are and whether they are us or not. We understand what we are, in fact. With no the experience and knowledge of the greatest of illusions, we do not get to the depths of the absolute Truth.

In this journey through the worlds and the incarnations, we go through the steps of knowledge. We reject what we already do not want to wear, and assume a new ‘beliefs’ to try out. Every time we understand better the illusion of our reality and who we are going to be. We throw away the old and outdated beliefs and we still keep those which we find useful for us yet. Our clothing is becoming increasingly rich and complex, so one day we could finally find out that we don’t really need it to know who we are.

In this journey through the worlds and the incarnations, we wear our masks proudly and confident, because deep down our soul we know that only this way we can finally unmask the illusory nature of our illusions and in principle of opposites to discover the truth about ourselves and the Source of our existence. Through this whole process, one day each of us connects to the Source, making an absolute Unity, and at the same time retaining your own distinctiveness and individuality, while maintaining the awareness of being you.

In this journey through the worlds and the incarnations, we discover the truth about our real divine origin. Who we are and who we want to be. Who we are and who we CAN be. We discover the difference between how we manifest ourselves, and who we are, in fact.

In this de-masking process, every day more and more we do unite with our own Source. Every day more and more being one with Him, we become him, in fact, and that is our destiny. We moved away from the House to be able to experience all the way back and everything what awaits us on this journey. However with each step we are getting closer to home, closer to God, closer to the Absolute Truth about Ourselves.