God and us

God with His boundless love for himself, split apart himself, to be able to explore and learn more, and to have someone to share His new discoveries and His boundless love.

God with His boundless love, let the newly created particles of himself, to gain their own individual personality.

With His great and boundless love He allowed to the particles to create their own worlds and micro worlds so they could experience the same feelings He experienced creating His own world. So that we all could as equals to share our feelings and experiences.

And so, here WE are, inseparable particles of God – the Creator, and we all created it with Him, arm in arm, the whole world, the universe, galaxies and other worlds. All as One, united within Him and with Him. Through this Unity He created everything, through ourselves, and thanks to us – His particles.

It’s not just we are the only learning our experiences, but He also experience and learn himself everything by us and by all our experiences.

As we all are One, so if any part of this unity, experience something here and learn something in own world, automatically the rest of this Unity have access to it and the understanding of the experience. Likewise, He learns from us and through us, we are of Unity in Him, because He is us and we are Him.

There is no and never was any separation between Him and us, as well as between all of us here and there. We are all one entity, while each of us retain its own individual personality.

God’s love is so great and unbounded that He fulfilled our desires about evolution, learning, creating and changing ourselves.

His great, fiery unbounded love is a part of ourselves, like all other divine qualities that we see in Him. Everything what is in God is in us.

Born of love we are love itself. Through the years of wandering and disconnection we discover day after day, the greatest secret of the universe – that we are pure unbounded love that gives us everything if only we open ourselves anew to feel and experience it in ourselves. If only we open up again on being ourselves, and that is pure unconditional love. It is in fact our air and food. It is us and in us. It fills us to the ends of our being.

Love fills the entire world and everything is created and made of love, as God himself is nothing but pure love. With Him and in Him all things are created, so everything what is created through Him and within Him automatically becomes the pure, the purest love. So we are.