Awareness of Illusion

How much more difficult is to see the illusory nature of our beliefs, when all people around us, without exception, believe in the same thing, such as: religion, power, diseases, getting old and death. Regardless of religion, race, nationality, we all have these programs put deeply into our subconscious. And anyone who dares to tell us that this is just an illusion seems to be crazy to us, as he’s lost his senses. But the faith of millions in a single program does not make it the truth. It makes it stronger as a thought form, but does not make it true. For we are the one who through the power of our own believe in something, give it the meaning and the power of actions in our microcosm.

However the good news is that just as we give it a sense of purpose in our live, we can get rid of it once and for all, simply by only realizing the illusion of a conviction and a simple opt out of it. Strong, deep and sincere decision taken in our heart and soul is good enough to make our reality changed and adapt to our newly taken beliefs. Yes exactly … our beliefs. For as long time ago one said, faith can move mountains. However, it is not a kind of faith – the hope that most of people feel when they think of what they would like to be fulfilled in their lives. What I mean refers to the kind of faith – the absolute certainty and conviction that this is already accomplished, already occurred. That is the kind of true faith, which has the power to move mountains.

When eventually the moment comes and we realize the illusion of a conviction or belief, in which we absolutely believed in throughout our entire life, then suddenly everything gets upside down. We feel like the world is spinning around us, and our own inner transformation occurs. On the one hand we may feel confused; on the other we feel absolute confidence and validity about a newly discovered truth. Now suddenly without any problem we see the entire unreality of our reality. Suddenly it becomes so simple and obvious. For a moment, we even think how that was possible, that we didn’t notice this at the first. Suddenly we get it … we get aware of a new truth about ourselves and our life, and through this new realization we become our new awareness as it becomes our new reality, which is slightly less illusory as the previous one, since it is based on new and / or other beliefs .

However, when the moment of shaking off the flaps occurs, when suddenly we feel that the chains of our outdated beliefs that had imprisoned our hands and feet break down, then we become more free and more independent than ever before. We can once again rise into the air full of new strength and energy. Previously, chained to the rock with chains of our beliefs, views, patterns and unrealistic desires and expectations, suddenly we become free as a bird, free to fly high into the sky and glide easily and freely into the new reality.

When this moment of awareness occurs, you become free. Free not only with the spirit but with the body as well. You become what you are in your essence. And you are absolutely free and independent spirit, forever developing itself, infinite in its being. In your own world you become God Almighty, creating your own reality based on your own dreams, beliefs and convictions. The more your dreams and beliefs are unlimited and free, the more your reality is becoming so. The more you open up your conscious for new the more wonderful things pop into your own reality.

You are 100% creator of your own reality. You are God in your micro – reality. Your imagination is your reality. In the meditating mind of your soul your entire reality and all its possible variants and options are played.

Dream. Create. Change, and let go outdated beliefs and explore new. Do not suggest anything or anyone. Follow the voice of your own heart and your own soul. Create your microcosm of that what you wish to be.

Be happy, satisfied and full of grace, glory and power. Manifest yourself openly the way you have always been and you are indeed – an independent part of the God – Creator of everything and everyone.