Be what U experience, experience what U want to be

attentionofenergyMany of us, sometimes is asking … what is the real reason, we are coming here down. And though I’m sure that every single soul has many private reasons, there are some very universal to everyone. We are here not to only experience things, but most of all to practice Being them/ or not…

Some might ask what the difference is.

Experiencing something is quite superficial thing, and it might or might not to lead to the practice of pure being. Every experience should lead to the state of pure being of what we are experiencing. Whatever you do, remember to become it, so then you would easily know, what you want to be repeat in your life over again, or what you want to avoid; what you want to be/come, or what not.

To help you understand I give you few examples; many of us are trying to experience abundance but the truth is you will never experience it fully unless you become abundance itself. It is applying to everything else and in the place of word “abundance” you can insert any other; peace, love, happiness, joy, forgiveness etc.

And yet again, this way of experiencing by being, might lead us to giving up some old habits. Once you truly become pain/anger/sadness/unhappiness/etc, you might cause to yourself or others, I believe you rather would like to avoid it in a future.

Be/come what you experience, experience what you want to be/come.