Listen always to the voice of your heart.

I was working on opening my heart and I have meditated a lot on essence of it. And one day this truth became so simpel and obvious, such as that the sun is shining on the day time, and the moon at night.

Of course, I can say, that before this experience, this sentence wasn’t pretty strange for me; or maybe I should say, I knew it, but was still strange for me. I didn’t feel like this inside, in real. I knew what every little word means. I tried even lived like these words are saying. I tried to apply this maxim in my life. I thought even I know very well what’s going on with that, but… still was blind and didn’t feel this indeed.

But one day, when I was meditating on emotions, their meaning and aim, and on it what to do in complicate situation, which force on us to make a decision… then came recognition. It floated so suddenly and so hush, so simply. At one moment I didn’t feel it and the next second, yes i did. It was shining its own light. Suddenly I saw a light in my head and I almost shout ‘eureka’.

And this what I felt at that moment was so simple, so light and obvious at the same time. And I felt like laughing.

And what I really felt?

First, I’ve felt lightness and joy in my heart, and something like gentle breeze. Then came understanding. I’ve felt love and understanding, love and acceptance, love and wisdom.

1. Live in harmony with your heart. I’ve felt that the best is to living in accordance with leading of your heart. This is the most wonderful thing you can experience in your life. I’ve felt that we should ask our heart about way out not only in every little doubt but especially in serious and complicated situation. You should feel into its energetic and ask a question: is it good for me… to do … ? If you will have good feeling of your heart then you will feel it, whether it is easy and relaxed or maybe stressed and trying to run away.

I’ve tested this modus operandi, in many little and very important situations, too. And I was never disappointed. For example if there was a situation, and I knew that everybody would do this, but my heart told me: ‘Don’t. Do exactly I’m telling you’, and I’ve done what I felt not people were telling me, then I was never disappointed. I’ve never lost, in the contrary every situation always turned away for my benefit.

2. Don’t hurt yourself and others. Your own heart cannot tell you anything wrong. Nothing what could hurt you or someone else. Its every whisper always takes everybody’s highest goodness. When you listen to the voice of your heart then you live with love and respect for yourself and other beings. Everything in this world is connected one another. It means that when you hurt others then you hurt yourself, and it means that when you hurt yourself then you hurt others, too. So don’t hurt yourself and others anymore. And don’t violence your heart anymore, either. Let it express itself, let it guide you and you will never hurt anybody. And every choice in you life will be this one and the best for you and others. In your heart is every answer you can question about. If you will focus on it what to do but don’t hurt yourself, I can guarantee that whatever your heart tell you is the best way out. That’s the way which won’t hurt anybody else.

So now, you don’t have to think and mull over what to do. All you need is focus on your own heart, and what you can feel in it, and whether you feel harmony inside. All you need is remember about one simple question: How me (name) can feel myself with this …. choice/situation? How me (name) will feel with this choice in the future?

3. Listen for your heart. If you will focus on your heart chakra then you will understand its language better and better. So do it as often as it possible for you. Every time you do it, you develop your heart chakra more and more. And then you can feel more love, understanding and acceptance inside yourself. And more and more God’s light is flowing into your heart.

Your heart is your guide, and you can trust it for certain. Develop your trust for yourself and your heart. Develop trust for God’s guiding. Just trust!

And I want to tell you something more, something very silly but very important – you don’t need any big practice to do it. What is enough is to have a while of concentration on your own heart, that’s it. You can do it absolutely anytime and everywhere, even doing shopping! That’s the truth you should remember about – you don’t need any big celebrations, any preparations and fanfares to coming into the silent of your heart. So you can do it everywhere and every time.

4. Don’t analyse thinking of others. I meet often people who have tend to analyse absolutely everything: what others think or talk because… they are like our mirrors, but I want to tell you that when you will concentrated on your heart then you won’t have to analyse this everything. I tell you more, practice like this isn’t good for you, because upset your contact with yourself and make difficult getting and opening for your own heart voice.

When you concentrate on thinking and behaviour of the others then you connect to them at that moment. You connect to their thoughts. You connect to their standards. I can say, it isn’t what we really expect on our spiritual development, self-realization way. Everybody has enough of one’s own standards so don’t take more from others. If you want to keep your energy strong and clean then focus on your heart (!). I know it sounds so simple and banal and you could not believe in that, but it’s true.

If you want to cut off from your surroundings and emotions and emotional dirts of the surroundings, then all you have to do is concentrate on your heart. I want you to remember about this, especially which of you who has a big problem with connecting to people and taking their sickness from them. I know this exercise isn’t way out of the problem which is connecting up, because in this case, you have to find the real reason why you do that. But I’m sure that exercise will help you in whole healing process of this standard, standard to connecting up to people.

5. Don’t analyse the behaviour of the others. The other side of the same problem is that, we don’t get any profits from it. Please, do little exercise. Just think, but clearheadly, what you will get if you will put on somebody’s shoes. What you will get when after many considerations you will guess at last why somebody did like that, what intention he had… what you will get?… NOTHING. And maybe rather I should say – nothing what could help you in developing your own self-consciousness and energy.

Just think, right now, let’s do an assessment, what we could win or lose.

If you want to do analyse: who? what? and why? then you need to make huge contribution of your own energy. A lot of times when we do it, we do it not only many hours a day but I know many people who can do it even whole days. Some can think of the past stories even whole years. Just realize how much of energy you waste during this process, how much of your life power.

We waste not only energy. We waste our time as well. The time we could spend in better way, to make our life happier, to make us feel better.

The next point is, we rummage in one’s energy and we still keep the energy threads going. I think I don’t have to tell you that ‘seating’ in someone’s energy is disadvantageous. We connect up to somebody’s standards of thinking and code them at oneself. The question is: why? We have enough of our and own standards. So why we do this? Why we try to get more? I think we do it only because we don’t know what we really do, because if you would know what is going on indeed, then you won’t pack to yourself any new standards, with which you will have to work anyway.

And at last, the most important issue for me.

The analyse like this is just pointless. Give us absolutely nothing useful. To understand it better I give you an example.

I had a stupid standard to analyse: why someone did this or that, what he has thought, what intention she had, maybe he/she wanted to express something quite different but didn’t know how, and maybe he/she really thought what said or maybe he/she said what have to not want to say… and go on. I could ask myself like this all the time, until one day I have understood… I don’t really need the answer for anything like this. In my own spiritual way, in my own life, the most important for me is what I do, what I’ve been driven by, what intention I had, what kind of thoughts and feelings. Only that is really matter. And that what somebody thinks about what I say or to do is completely insignificant irrelevant. If I will feel good, peaceful, fulfilled and full of harmony then… THE REST SIMPLY ISN’T MATTER!

If everywhere and every time I will be driven by heart vision there’s no chance to miss anything, to understand something wrong or to interpret something wrong. Everything what I will get will be the best for me at the moment. For me and for others.

No less no more.

So look into your heart and let it guide you!