Decree – pulling of wealth and money with lightness and easiness

Me …………….. am already ready for a absolute wealth and well-being. I can feel completely inner peace, because I know I am provided for many sources of supporting. Money are flowing to me very broad streams from many directions. I let money to flow to me from many different directions. I let them increase specially for me. I let them to be with me, by my side, and for me. I love money in every amount. I take them with lightness and easiness. I feel happy when I can take them. It is a real and big joy to take money and be happy with them and with using of them. It’s a great and real joy to be happy with a well-being. A lot of money are coming to me with a huge joy, lightness and easiness.

Me …………….. know already that I can have and use very huge sums of money and it is completely safe and innocent. I let go all of my believes that could be different. I know now that money can give me material peace and happiness, for which I am sure I absolutely deserve. Having of big sums of money support development of every part of my life. I do resignation from all of poverty and deprivation declarations, oaths and vows. I do resignation from joining with others with a pain and poverty, material or spiritual. I do release that having of huge sums of money is in accordance with a spiritual development. I do release also that having big amount of money is quite safe, good, innocent and right for me.

I do release also, that having a lot of many is safe, good, innocent and right for me. I do release that money support my development in every important part of my life. I know now that I can have good life and full of prosperity even if others live different. I know now that their life looks exactly like they want. And now I follow that I want and feel, I open up myself absolutely for taking whole wealth which God has for me, and which world has for me. World is full of money and wealthy and I am already ready for using of it. I know that personal development is going hand by hand with a material development. And here and now I do agree for a full well-being, for a having pockets full of money, and having my bank accounts full of huge sums of money. Here and now I open up myself for a well-being, which permeates and fills me. Material and spiritual well-being.

Me …………….. attract money with lightness and easiness. The money are flowing to me very light and easy and from more and more amount of sources. The money like me and I like money. Money like my company and I like company of money. I can feel real joy and easiness when I am thinking about money. I can feel real joy and easiness when I am thinking about that how they are flowing to me. I can feel real easiness and joy when I am thinking about that how I will spend my so easy and light taken and earn money. Money vibrations give me always lightness, easiness and joy feelings. Money are energy very light and easy to get, so that is why I feel very light, joyful and safe when I am thinking about money. Now I know that I can get money every where and always. They are flowing to me all the time, constantly filling my pockets and bank accounts.

Me ………….. am very gratitude for all money flowing to me. I love them and I respect them. And they love me and respect me. I can feel huge lightness and joy. I can feel huge gratitude for a whole wealth which is a part of my life. I am full of gratitude to me and God for a whole wealth and well-being which is a part of my life.

Me …………….. thank you God for a life full of well-being, joy and lightness. Thank you, that already and now, huge sums of money are flowing to me, and I feel real joy and pleasure because of having these huge sums of money.