Ho’oponopono Prayer

hawaiian_spirit (2)
I’m so sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

In Hawaiian tradition Ho’oponopono means Healing Relationships within Ohana extended family. 

Ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono represent very specific knowledge about rules of actions, which must be done, to restore Aloha in relationships.

This very old process of healing – was working on all levels of reality: traditional Ho’oponopono was restoring health of the body, the sense of trust and love in relationship and peace into Ohana.

Traditional Ho’oponopono is a sequence of actions between real people, gods and ancestors – speaking to each other, searching for the truth, choosing pono actions, using valuses of honesty and respecting each other.

Ancient Ho’oponopono would not only heal one person’s problems but the whole Ohana functioning.

The more honest and opened we are while praying, the better and faster results may be perceived.

If you want to heal the relation with someone though you don’t feel any forgiveness in your heart, don’t give up just yet. The true openness and willingness to achieve the change is the key helping you to reach deep down into your heart to raise the forgiveness eventually. Repeat this simple words constantly and healing will come to you life