How to order a mandala with me

All mandalas I do create during meditation.

Depending on your needs, you can select and purchase for instance one of the already existing mandalas, which are presented in the gallery, or you can make an order for something new, something special not found by you yet.

You can choose any intention / theme for your new mandala.

The process of creating of the mandala can take from several hours to several days even.

In the ordered package you will find:

  • printed version of the mandala, the size of 19cm x 19cm,
  • electronic version, sized to any computer desktop
  • special large electronic version prepared for professional print.

The best way to order your mandala is of course an e-mail.

When choosing any mandala from the gallery, the order is carried out within three working days, counting from the date of order.

In a case when new mandala is ordered, the package is carried out within a week counting from the date of order.


Mandala from the gallery: 12 euro / 48 zlotych

New mandala: 60 euro / 240 zlotych

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